The goal in creating this product line is to give you an instant feeling of joy and euphoria. Share your euphoria with a bright, natural look and a winning smile.

A smile is an expression of happiness. It provides positive energy in a fraction of a second. When we smile, seventeen muscles in our face activate and stimulate our lymphocytes, also called endorphins. The more we smile, the more we activate our muscles, the brighter our face becomes! The smile is communicative and contagious. A sweet attention, a flattering compliment, a cool breeze, the morning sun, a new achievement ... So many good reasons to smile!

EUFŌRIΛ gently tickles your skin and stimulates your senses. Its fresh textures and unique fragrances, release your positive emotions. Expert estheticians gently apply EUFŌRIΛ on your skin - like a feather. Carefully, they caress the skin of your face to activate the natural regeneration of your cells. Your facial muscles relax as when you smile.

Inspired by the canadian pristine nature with its crystal clear waters and wild flowers, precious ingredients such as marine collagen, meadowsweet extract, Canadian willow, edelweiss and sunflower seeds stimulate your senses to create purely positive emotions.

The expertise acquired by the Cosmética Bio team, in partnership with a renowned laboratory of experts in Montreal, a city famous for its Science Centre, have developed the highly effective formulas of EUFŌRIΛ.

Composed mainly of natural and vegan ingredients, these products will provide both an immediate result on your skin and an intoxicating feeling of joy and euforia.

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